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Movie H2N II: Revelation - The Age of the Awakening Trailer
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How did Japheth replace Shem? 

And with that question begins the next part of the most fascinating journey through history in search of the identity of the true "People of the Book." 


"Revelation: The Age of the Awakening" is the second installment in the "Hebrews To Negroes" movie series by author, historian, and filmmaker Ronald Dalton Jr.  Continuing his exploration around the world, and back in time to the days of The Covenant, and the birth of a "set apart" Nation, Dalton moves to answer the question of how the bloodline of one of Noah's son would eventually overcome and assume the identity and heritage of that of another, misleading all the inhabitants of the earth into believing the wrong nation of people to be The Most High's "chosen".

With the assistance of geography, anthropology, linguistics, and indisputable DNA, Dalton not only once again, reaffirms the identity of the true Nation of Israel, but reveals the hidden history of the origin of "those who claim to be Jews but are not..." 



"God shall enlarge Japheth,

and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem...

Genesis 9:27

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